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Poppy Talk is having their fall colours week this week, and I’m playing along on Instagram. Search for #poppytalkfallcolours and you’ll find all of the beautiful pictures people are sharing.


At the end of the week, I’ll post all of my photos here, but it’s so fun to participate. If you’re on Instagram, go check it out and upload some pretty photos (don’t forget to use #poppytalkfallcolours)! Here’s their schedule, if you want to start right away:

Sep. 29 // Monday //Golden
Sep. 30 // Tuesday // Red
Oct. 01 // Wednesday // Brown
Oct. 02 //Thursday // Grey
Oct. 03 // Friday // Blue


[photo credits: @kimberlydahlendesign, @sarahde1aney, @sarahde1aney, @sarahde1aney, @pineconecamp, @jmlw, @helloshannondavid, @helloshannondavid, @agusargonz, @agusargonz, @agusargonz, @helloshannondavid]


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Hello & happy autumn! It’s been positively lovely here, and the smell in the air has officially changed to the fall.

This morning I was looking around for some autumnal inspiration. I ended up spending some time reading quotes about fall. This one, by Andrea Gibson, really struck me.

leaves falling in love

Doesn’t the just make your heart beat a little faster? Maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic.

Enjoy the changing of the seasons, and don’t forget to spend some quality time outside!

[photo credits, clockwise from top: lorenzo tomada, darwin bell, Susan Frazier, cadillacdeville200]

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It’s a chilly and rainy day here, and it’s suddenly feeling a lot like autumn. I need something to warm me up and give me the energy to get through the morning, so I’m enjoying oatmeal with milk, maple syrup, and cinnamon,  tea with cream, and the most wonderful smelling peach. Now, it’s time for some more bird sketches. Then, I’ll be shipping a few orders and planning my next newsletter (it’s been awhile).

on the menu: tea and oatmeal / by everything little miss

What do you eat in the mornings as the weather gets colder?

I hope you have a productive and colorful day! Interested in receiving our newsletter? Sign up here.

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Cosmos are such dreamy flowers. They’re tall and wispy and they blow in the wind and gently bump into each other in the most beautiful way. The cosmos in my garden keep catching my eye and making me smile. I wanted to capture these colors, and what better way to do so than creating a color palette?

What colors are you loving lately?

cosmos color palette by Everything Little Miss

[photo credit: ajari]

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I’ve been working on a few new concepts for the Everything Little Miss line, so I’ve been thinking a lot about the overlap of what I enjoy designing + what my customers (like you!) get excited about.

where to focus venn diagram by everything little missThe maps are the clear winners, and that all started with the neighborhoods of Boston way back in the summer of 2009!

Neighborhoods of Boston in Blues by Everything Little MissI can barely believe that map has been around for 5 years. It continues to be our most popular design! Hooray for Boston & hooray for maps!

New designs and products will be coming your way in the next several months, so stay tuned!


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