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Woah baby! Six days until the National Stationery Show starts! This is what our schedule looks like for the next week or so: Wednesday, May 14 1) Pack all display products. 2) Pack tools & supplies. 3) Plan outfits (ugh) & pack clothes. Thursday, May 15 1) Last-minute packing. 2) Tidy up the house so it’s nice when we come back! 3) Drive to New Jersey (we’re staying in Montclair with family during the show). Friday, May 16 1) Wish my mom a happy birthday! 2) Get up early & go straight to the Javits Center to unload the minivan. 3) Spend the day putting together the booth & setting up the display.

everything little miss nss 2014 booth layout

This is the booth plan! It’s like a map so we know where each product goes on the walls.
Everything is to scale (8.5% of actual size), and measurements are included to make setup a little easier.
I used Adobe Illustrator to make this layout.

Saturday, May 17 1) Spend the morning & early afternoon completing our booth setup. 2) Get together with friends in the city (and possibly get a manicure!). 3) Go back to Montclair early enough to have dinner with my mom & Wes and get a good night’s rest! Sunday, May 18 – Wednesday, May 21 1) Catch up with customers, press, and friends at the show. 2) Meet new people! 3) Go the the Paper Party and mingle with others in the industry. (Tuesday night) 4) Break down the booth & drive back to Massachusetts! (Wednesday) Thursday, May 22 RELAX It’ll be a busy week! Keep up with us on facebook & instagram. We’ll be posting photos and little updates throughout. Thanks for following along. Now, wish us luck!

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Eleven days! The National Stationery Show starts in less than two weeks. We still have some details to take care of, but most of the big stuff is complete. Hooray! We stamped and sent out our show mailers over the weekend, and I’m so happy with how they turned out!

nss 2014 show mailer from everything little missThey’re two pieces. The top layer is a translucent vellum, and the piece looks totally different when it’s removed. The end result is just the way I imagined it, which is always a bonus. We’re hoping that the recipients like them and remember to come visit us! BOOTH 2044!

What’s left?
We have to do some major packing and touch up the new paint on the walls (new color this year, guys & gals). And we’ve got to add some finishing touches to our display products and pieces (like adding some bows to our gifts)!

everything little miss press kits

We’ve also got to assemble the press kits (pictured above). This year we decided to use a booklet format rather than an envelope with loose pieces stuffed inside. We’re sticking an envelope with some extra info onto the back cover and also paper clipping my business card to the booklet. As Deb says in Napoleon Dynamite, “I think that’s gonna come out real nice.”

Wish us luck!

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This will be our third year exhibiting at the National Stationery Show (NSS), and it starts in just 18 days! Last week, I made a calendar to keep track of all the little things that need to be completed before we leave for the show on May 15. You guys, there are so many little things! This calendar is a lifesaver, and it’s really helping me stay sane.

NSS 2014 Countdown

Exhibiting at a trade show is a lot of work, and keeping track of all of the details can be daunting. Crossing things off the list is majorly satisfying! My little spur-of-the-moment calendar helps me visualize just how much I’ve done in a week (and also how close the show is!).

So, what am I working on right now? Well, I’m putting together the pre-show mailers that we’ll be sending to retail stores and press. They’re basically an invitation to come visit our booth at the show, and I’m really excited about them. The mailers are two pieces, and I’m tying them with twine to make a pretty little package. My mom’s going to address the envelopes with a pretty silver pen. Her handwriting is fancier than mine. Thank goodness for moms!

I’ll share the mailers when they’re complete, so stay tuned!

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The National Stationery Show is less than a month away (eek!), so we’re buckling down over here. We’re using lists, detailed calendars, and booth diagrams to keep all of the details organized. Organization certainly helps us stay sane in the midst of all of the prep work, but music makes everything more fun. This month we’ve been listening to a few songs on repeat. Find the playlist (and links to videos) below!

mid-april music roundup from everything little miss

1. Girls Chase Boys by Ingrid Michaelson
2. Little Black Dress by Sara Bareilles
3.  The Beef Seeds’ cover of Pompeii by Bastille
4. Team by Lorde
5. Countdown by Beyoncé

Happy dancing!


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