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It feels like spring is here to stay! We’ve been enjoying the warmer weather by spending as much time as possible outside. Crocuses are popping up quickly, and over the weekend somebody was barbecuing! It smelled amazing.

springtime roundup by everything little miss

We hope you enjoy this burst of springtime inspiration. Feel free to pin it! Now get out there and bask in the spring showers and sunny days!

[photo credits: Jo / masatoshi_ / Neil McIntosh / Phil Roeder / Bex Ross / PapaEJangles / liz west / Dave McLear / Theresa Thompson]

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Our second city vignette features Manhattan!

manhattan collage by everything little miss

POPULATION: 1,626,159 (circa 2013)
AREA: 22.96 sq mi (land area)
KNOWN FOR: fashion + theater + skyscrapers + late nights
VISIT: bryant park + guggenheim + high line + tom’s restaurant + 5th avenue

see our manhattan map

{images, clockwise from top: Francisco DiezEverything Little MissAndré-Pierre du PlessisChris BrownPhil Roeder, Jason ParisJeffrey Zeldman}

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Hello, and happy spring! Some parts of the country are already in full bloom, which is amazing to me! I’ve been watching Portland burst to life via Sweet Eventide’s Instagram feed. If you have Instagram, I highly suggest

  1. following Sweet Eventide (aka Jessica Nichols)
  2. searching for the hashtag #springtimewithjess!

Here’s a peek at some of her drool-inducing spring photos, just so you have an idea, but I promise they’re better full-size:

springtimewithjess  sweet eventide

When the trees are full of pink, the world just feels a little bit more magical. What’s you favorite part of spring?

It’s still cold here in Massachusetts, but that’s not stopping me from completely enjoying the spring sunshine. I’ve been taking lots of walks, and I know that one of these days the trees will be blooming. And all of the buckets of daffodils make me so happy every time I go to the store:

hello spring daffodils

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P.S. Everything Little Miss is on Instagram. And find our Portland maps here!

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We’ve been making maps of cities, and we’ve been gathering information about them along the way. We’ll be sharing some pictures and facts in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned!

the city of boston collage

POPULATION: 636,000 (circa 2012)
KNOWN FOR: sports + colleges + hospitals + history
VISIT: public garden + fenway park + museum of science + newbury street + freedom trail

see our boston map




{images, clockwise from top: Henry Han, Everything Little Miss, JR Osgood & Co., Jeff Gunn, Jeff Gunn, Jeff GunnErnst Halberstadt}

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