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We have a brand new line of state bird cards (available here!). I thought I’d whet your pallette with a black-capped chickadee round-up. This chickadee is the bird of choice for both Massachusetts and Maine, and we think it’s so sweet.

black-capped chickadee round-up by everything little miss

Check out the 12 state bird cards! We hope you like them as much as we do. Which state birds should be next on our list? We always love your input.

[photo credits: Dave Smith, Alex Ranaldi, Rachid H, David Mitchell, Eugene Beckes, David Mitchell]

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Washington, D.C. is next in our city vignette series. Our nation’s capitol is a great place to visit because it’s full of wonderful museums, landmarks, and public transportation.

washington dc collage by everything little miss

POPULATION: 658,893 (2014 estimate)
KNOWN FOR: cherry blossoms + politics + hot summers + american history
VISIT: smithsonian museums + national zoo + national mall & memorial parks + eisenhower executive office building + dupont circle historic district

see our washington dc map button
{images, clockwise from top: Brian Talbot, Everything Little Miss, Clarissa Peterson, Diego CambiasoBrian HollandTrey Ratcliff, Kevin Dooley}

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west elm local - fenwayHave you heard about West Elm’s LOCAL program? Here’s a quote from their website:

“At west elm, we believe feeling truly at home means connecting with your community—that’s why we carry locally made + designed products in our stores.”

Because of this great program, we now have 8″ x 10″ art prints, cards, and tote bags available at West Elm Fenway in Boston. Currently all of the items they carry feature our Neighborhoods of Boston, MA design in blue, red, or green. If you live in the area, go check out the LOCAL section of the store. If you don’t live in Boston, you can check out all of our maps in our shop.

Psst. If you visit the store, we’d love to see pictures! Share them on Instagram and tag @everythinglittlemiss and @westelmfenway and use #westelmlocal.

[Image Source: @westelmfenway]

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Wes RequestsWesley turned two in January, and he’s full of opinions. He makes music and book requests regularly. Since this is a small family business, Wes’s preferences become a major part of my life and work. At Everything Little Miss we strive to create fun, colorful, and playful designs. Spending time with my toddler and delighting in little joys with him everyday has helped reinforce the spirit of Everything Little Miss as I make plans and think about new products. Here I’ll share with you some of our obsessions. Wes Requests will be a monthly feature on our blog. 


I thought I’d start this feature with Wes’s most favorite song of all: The Wheels On The Bus. He’s been a fan of this song for some time now, but in the past few months he’s learned more and more of the words, and now he can sing it on his own. It’s pretty darn cute. He absolutely loves school buses and we’re constantly on the lookout for them. He learned the color yellow first simply because school buses are “lellow.” Raffi’s version of the song is his favorite, so if you’re up for it, take a listen.

This song is important to me for a few reasons:

  1. I loved Raffi when I was little, so there’s the nostalgia factor.
  2. Wes & I have fun making up verses just to keep the song going for as long as possible.
  3. If I play my cards right, I can get some work done while simultaneously entertaining him with a rousing rendition of The Wheels On The Bus. 

Look for the next installment of Wes Requests next month!

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Two weeks ago, we added a new member to our team. His name is Milo. We’re still thinking of a title for him, but he’s sure to be a key player.

Milo Oliver

For a company called Everything Little Miss, there sure a lot of misters on the team! But really, we could not be happier. Click here for another picture of the littlest fellow.

Note: Our first addition turned two on January 9!


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